The Phuket Boardriders Club is pleased to present the 4th annual Kalim Surfing Contest, to be held at Kalim Beach on July 18 – 20, 2008.
In its 4th year, this annual contest aims to promote the sport of surfing to the general public as well as promote tourism to the island of Phuket.

The contest has grown in size and interest every year and continues to draw more and more participants from around Thailand as well as internationally.

Foreign contestants come from a wide variety of countries such as the United States, Australia, the UK, South Africa, the European Union, and Asian neighbors including Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Having gained popularity over the years, the Kalim Surf Contest appears on the calendars of surfing related websites around the world. With this contest, the Phuket Boardriders hope to continue promoting tourism to Thailand and help raise the level of surfing amongst the Thai surfing community.

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